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New Dutch Gambling Bill Presented in House

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New Dutch gambling law

The final draft of the newly proposed gambling law has been presented in the Netherlands House of Representatives on July 23.

The new proposed law has made amendments to the current gambling law in the country. However, for this bill to be passed as a law, it must win a majority vote in the lower house before it can be submitted in the Senate.

For the new law to be passed, it could take up to a year. Hence it may come into effect by early next year.

As per the bill, only those operators can apply for the licenses that have their “primary place of business or headquarters in a State party to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union or the Agreement creating the European Economic Area.”

The process for segregation of player balances is documented, but it lacks transparency especially in the context of the whether player funds are to be differentiated from that of operator’s in case of insolvency.

The bill also comprises of steps to decrease gambling related problems. As a part of this process, all the customers/players will need to describe “the limits of his gambling behavior” at the time of signing up for an account.

The bill lacks clarity on the issue of regulations against money laundering and how it may affect the participation of players from Holland on the dot com sites.

There is no mention of any restrictions on Dutch players playing on other sites outside the boundaries of Netherlands.

Within the new proposal, there is a gambling duty of 20% in addition to 0.5% contribution that is mandatory and an additional1.5% to fund the regulator.

News source: pokerfuse

Borgata Poker, PartyPoker New Jersey Introduce SNG Leaderboards

In a much-needed boost to player promotions, PartyPoker New Jersey launched a 5-week leaderboard promotion for SnG players.

SnG player will be given $11,000 in total freeroll money from now till 10 August. The nature of this promotion is similar to the one WSOP New Jersey offered few months before.

Each week, $2000 will be awarded in 2 leaderboards with the winners earning a place in the “winner takes all” tourney with $1000 as first place.

There will be 2 leaderboards running each week – one with $10 SnG buy-in (low-stakes board) and another for bigger by-in, for big tourneys, with $1000 paid in both.

Higher number of lower tier players will be given a prize, as $1,000 will be divided among the top 40 finishers. Only the top 9 will be paid out the $1000 prize in the high tier.

It remains to be seen if this leaderboard is shared by partypoker and Borgata or the two brands will run independent promotions and give away separate prizes.

As has been widely reported, there is a decline in the revenues of poker websites in the state of New Jersey since April.

This trend is complete opposite as that in the state of Nevada, where action has picked up thanks to the annual WSOP tournament.


Thanh Ha Duong wins APPT Manila Main Event

Thanh Ha Duong from Vietnam won the APPT Season 8 Manila Main Event powered by The event was held at the Metro Card Club. The winner not only beat a very competitive field of 260 entrants but also overcame a big deficit in the heads-up battle to take down the event and win PHP 3,472,000.

The day commenced with 11 players and as we had reported yesterday, Michael Guzzardi from Australia was leading with chip stack of 1.512 million. The Aussie only kept building his stack and clearly moved into a position where his victory was assured.

At the time of heads-up, Guzzardi’s sack of 4.5 millions dwarfed Duong’s 700,000 stack. This is where this incredible duel took a swing. Guzzardi went all-in with his KK against Duong’s 77. The turn was a 7, which helped the Vietnamese to double up.

Another big hand went to Duong as he rivered a wheel and got paid handsomely off a massive raise. With a flop of  {k-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}, Duong check-raised and Guzzardi shoved his entire stack. Duong called with nothing behind on a two pair.  Guzzardi was on a flush draw. He did not hit anything on the turn and river. Duong moved into chip lead for the first time.

Doung shoved with top pair and a gutshot on the turn against Guzzardo’s two pair. That was enough to win a cool PHP 3,472,000, along with a seat in the Asia Championship of Poker.

Final Table Results

1 Thanh Ha Duong 3,472,000
2 Michael Guzzardi 1,833,000
3 Bernardo Angeles 1,024,000
4 Daniel Giang 782,000
5 Sameer Rattonsey 647,000
6 Mike Takayama 512,000
7 Andreas Rauh 405,000
8 Maria Bernadette Lina 324,000
9 Rajeev Kanjani 242,000

(News and image courtesy pokernews)

Michael Guzzardi Leads Final 11 at APPT Manila Main Event

While every website is busy reporting on the WSOP, we at Gossip Poker thought it would be apt to cover some other important poker tournaments around the world. With so much happening in a packed schedule, we bring to you the details of Day 2 of APPT.

APPT Season 8 Manila Main Event was down to just 11 players on Day 2. The powered event saw the field reduce from 95 to 11 on the second day.

Money bubble burst when Renato Villanueva’s queens found no pay past the aces of Daniel Giang. He finished on 29th position. Chip leader at the start of the day Seung Soo Jeon. And Celina Lin, representing Team PokerStars, finished just outside the money. Even the defending champion of APPT Philippines, Jaekyung 'Simba' Sim followed suit.

The big winner of the day was Michael Guzzardi. Most of you will remember his exploits at the 2008 WSOP, when he made it to the final table in the main event. Guzzardi, crushed his opposition as he made his way to the chip leader position in the 13th level of the event. As the field heads into the final day on Monday, Guzzardi has a commanding stack of 1.512 million

The chip leader can expect a tough game on the final day, especially with a cool PHP 3,472,000 at stake for the eventual winner. Thanh Ha Duong, with 762,000 is the next biggest stack after the Guzzardi.

Still in the fray are Daniel Belov, Sameer Rattonsey, Mike Takayama, Andreas Rauh, Rajeev Kanjani, Hiroshi Naito, Bernardo Angeles and Maria Bernadette Lina, who happens to be the only woman out of the 11 players remaining.

As play resumes on Monday, it remains to be seen whether Guzzardi can maintain his lead to take down the event or a new challenger will emerge from the pack to take home a whopping PHP 3,472,000. We will have a follow up on the big winner for this event, Watch this space!

(Image and news courtesy pokernews)

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Aced Poker Moves to on July 1

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Aced Poker Joins

On July 1 Aced Poker will no longer feature on Merge Gaming Network. The player base and balances will be migrated to Even the poker client will be upgraded to Carbon Poker. This move will enable all players of Aced to enjoy Carbon’s Sportsbook and racing platforms. Merge Gaming Network, has faced this issue for several years now. Numerous operators have deserted their gaming network.

FeltStars, Black Chip Poker, RPM Poker, and Hero Poker quit the network in the last three months of 2012. Just a few months back, PokerHost moved to the new Equity Poker Network. Despite this, the network has been consistent in maintaining their numbers in terms of cash game traffic. However, it is not the same as 2012. As per stats on several websites, the network seems to have lost more than half the cash game traffic it had since 2012.

As of now, the two main skins of Merge are CarbonPoker and PlayersOnly. The network continues to accept US players from most states and still holds a commanding position in the list of online poker networks today. This latest development is only in sync with the trend of mergers and acquisitions in the online gambling industry. As competitions increases, brands are using new techniques to retain their player databse.

PokerStars Remove Dale Philip as Pro

2014 FIFA World Cup is well and truly underway. It is quite evident from the matches so far that this is one of the best and most exciting World Cups in recent memory. We are only in the group stages and have already witnessed some of the best matches so far. Like most people in the world, even poker professionals are enjoying a slice of the action.

In a bizarre incident PokerStars pro (now former) Dale Phillip has been dropped by the online poker giant from their team for celebrating a goal at the Netherlands and Spain match. Yes, you read that right. Phillip was apparently seen supporting the Netherlands goal in a manner that offended the Spain fans. He was seen celebrating the goal in Marbella at the UKIPT.

On hearing the news of the termination of his contract for a disrespectful celebration after a goal, Dale ‘Daleroxxu’ Philip tweeted:

“Just been dropped by PokerStars for the goal celebration against Spain. Not the best news before an 11 hour flight.”

Philip allegedly raised two fingers on multiple occasions at the Spanish fans during the goal celebration. There was massive outrage on Twitter following the incident, which ultimately heaped pressure on PokerStars to cancel the sponsorship deal of their long term pro.

On June 18, Dale ‘Daleroxxu’ Philip tweeted:

I blogged about being dropped by @PokerStars for the Dutch goal celebration, and uploaded the video of the incident.

It appears as though Philip has taken this in his stride and seen the funnier side of the whole issue. This is evident from the change in his Twitter bio, which now reads: Goal celebrator and former PokerStars pro.

A lot of people have come out in support of the pro and posted messaged of endorsement for him on social media. This must also be seen from the context of PokerStars’ latest interest in the Spain market with regards to casino games market. Hence the brand would not want to start off on a weak footing with partners, investors and customers in Spain over this incident.

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Major Cash Game Changes by iPoker

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iPoker Makes Cash Game Changes

In an attempt to improve the quality of their offering, iPoker has decided to reform their cash game structure from June 16 onwards.  A concrete measure that will certainly come into effect is the withdrawal of high-stake cash games and anonymous tables.

iPoker will offer a max buy-in of $1,000 to NLHE cash games and will remove the Shallow and Deep Ante tables for heads-up and full-ring games. The new structures will not be implement across the board, which is why iPoker.FR, iPoker.ES or iPoker.IT will remain unchanged.

As reported by pokerfuse, a member of the iPoker team said:

“We expect players to move up/down/sideways from niche games to main games. This result in a bigger number of active tables and more enjoyable poker experience.”

GBP tables (other than 6-max normal tables) will be removed from all the Tier 2 iPoker rooms and they too will adopt the same cash game structure. A buy-in between the ranges of 40 to 100 big blinds is expected in such games.

This latest move by the company is similar to what they adopted last year when they removed numerous table types.

Along with this, Speed Omaha, Deep Ante and Shallow tables for Pot Limit Omaha and its Hi-Lo version games will be removed from next week. There will be no changes to the Limit Hold’em, Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and all Stud Games.

Despite iPoker ranking as the 3rd in terms of online poker networks, there has been a constant decrease in the traffic numbers. The latest move by the company is an attempt to lure back players and re-start their high traffic volumes.

LGA Suspends GoalGaming License

The Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) by virtue of issuing a notice has suspended gaming licenses issued to Goalgaming Limited.

The notice issued by the LGA reads:

“Goalgaming Ltd has thus been directed to suspend all gaming operations, cease to register new players, not take any further deposits, not offer any games falling under the Authority’s licenses, provide registered players access to their accounts, settle all players’ dues and to remove any reference to the Authority, to the licenses issued by the Authority and the logo/kite-mark of the Authority from all unapproved websites.”

LGA has also invited players who have outstanding payments with Goalgaming sites. Goalwin on Ongame Network and PokerMambo and Poker d’Assi and on Revolution Gaming Network are operated by Goalgaming Ltd.

Players registered on these sites have been reporting issues related to payment withdrawal for almost 18 months now. However, as of now theses sites are operational without the LGA reference.


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GPI to Launch “Poker World Cup” in 2015

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Global Poker Index Poker World Cup

Global Poker Index (GPI) has recently announced the launch of Global Poker Masters (GPM). GPM is a live poker event in a new format that will see poker players from countries across the globe competing against each other. GPI tracks the top 9 poker countries in the world. The four top ranked players from these countries will be invited to participate in a $10k-buyin “multi-round” SnG tournament. Player rankings are determined from GPI’s rankings, which make the use of a 12-month period to track every player’s performance till the start of the event.

GPI made a press release that states:

“This is neutral event, a chance for the best of the best in the live tournament scene to compete for national recognition and to crown the best overall country in poker year over year. GPM is designed to complement the world’s premiere tournament series like the WSOP, WPT, and EPT, as well as thousands of other events around the world, rather than compete with them.”

CEO of GPI, Alex Dreyfus said:

“Despite live poker consistently growing in popularity during the past decade we believe we’re on the eve of a second poker boom thanks to the impending regulation and re-emergence of online poker in the United States. To realize this boom though, poker still needs innovations and greater traction, including new formats and exposure on a larger scale. It also needs to be promoted as a sport.”

The tournament is expected to have a $10k buy-in and it will see an additional $100k pumped in to the prize pool. The rake-free tournament is expected to be live-streamed on the GPI website. The first ever event is scheduled for 2015 and details such as venue and dates will be confirmed in July. Every sport has a World Cup, so why not poker? The thought sounds exciting, one must only hope the GPI is able to implement the idea well.

*Image courtesy Poker Fuse

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VIP Benefits Program Changed By WSOP New Jersey

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WSOP New Jersey Changes VIP Program

WSOP New Jersey has amended the VIP benefits policy to increase them at upper levels and decrease equivalents to rakeback at the levels below.

WSOP VIP Program of New Jersey is modeled on players attaining VIP levels from Bronze to the highest level of “Seven Stars”. Hence as players move through these levels, the rate at which points accumulate also increases.

Two “action poker points” are generated when $1 in rake is contributed. A multiplier is used by which the VIP level is increased.  As per the latest changes, the multiplier has been reduced for all the levels from Silver to Diamond.

Elite and Seven Stars, which happen to be the 2 highest levels, are now clubbed with a top monthly level called Diamond. The multiplier for Elite will remain constant, however that of Seven Stars has increased to 17.5 from 15. Hence the benefits have been raised to 35% rakeback.

These changes to the VIP level program may be considered as a response to PartyPoker, which recently launched Palladium Elite to engage players and push them to pump in volume.

This online VIP scheme has been also incorporated with WSOP’s live casino, which is owned by Caesers. They have only four levels to their program. Players qualifying for TotalRewards can earn points and benefit at live casinos.